About Us

Bicycle Gloves are a UK company dedicated to selling performance sportswear for a variety of cycling sports. Unlike many other sellers of sporting goods who offer a wide range of cheap unethical equipment, footwear and fashion items, we strive to offer quality and comfort along with style and beauty.

Based up in the North West of UK, on the edge of Peak District and the beautiful (mostly flat) Cheshire countryside, we aim to source only the best products for our customers. Our philosophy is based upon the firm belief that looking good and feeling confident is an essential part of the performance for many types of sports.

We have recently (Oct 2018) visited Yorkshire Cycle Expo in Harrogate! A brilliant show. We have sourced some great new gloves and stuff! A new range of cool and safe bicycle helmets will soon be available. 

When gloves, for instance, are used in sports, they become the only true link between the hands of the sportsperson and their equipment.

Our focus is to source the most advanced technology to create sports clothing that make the human body perform even more efficiently.

Our range of gloves not only enhance, protect and provide outstanding performance; they are designed with specific sports people in mind. Whether it is for Cycling or other Outdoor Sports – Bicycle Gloves deliver the ultimate sportswear experience.