Clear Protect Application

What you need: 

Your bike, the protection film and the application MUST be completed in a warm environment. I have tried in the winter cold and it takes forever to complete. Cold is not good for the application, but once its fitted, the temperature is irrelevant.

A spray bottle of everyday window cleaner, ideally alcohol based but vinegar based works as well, just takes a bit longer to dry. The alcohol version evaporates quicker. Other brands are available!

You will also need some quality scissors to "trim" the excess tape if required. I use some curved finger nail scissors. 


Clean the bike frame with your usual bike cleaner. This is obviously essential, any dirt or grease will be stuck under the protection tape for ever!

Make sure your hands are free from grease. This is also essential, as you peel the tape from the paper avoid getting grease onto the "sticky/adhesive" side. I tend to spray my hands with the window cleaner, makes everything wet so takes longer to dry but avoids peeling in the future. Worth waiting the extra ten minutes!

Spray the area to be protected with window cleaner fluid, you could also spray the  adhesive side of tape. Don't worry, the spray eventually evaporates and leaves the adhesive side sticky!

Now place the tape over the area on the frame you want to protect, you will find that it moves around because it is moist. This is good so that you can place the film in the exact place you wish to protect.

Now "seal" the film with the squeegee pad that came with the kit. This means you are squeezing the fluid from under the film and pushing out the air bubbles and activating the sticky stuff. You can "massage" the more difficult areas with your thumbs, just be patient and when the film looks good, just leave it to dry. I leave my finished applications for 24/36 hours.

Job done, well done. Now the frame is protected from damage caused by stones and other flying objects. Also from general abuse and knocks against abrasive surfaces. This means your bike will look great for longer and increases the resale value!

TOP TIP. If you have areas of the bike that you don't want covering, like the water bottle holes of the down tube, use your sharpe scissors to cut the holes whilst the tape is dry and on the paper it comes with. 

Equally, if you want to trim or shape the tape (for the pedal arms for instance) cut with scissors before hand.

Here are some videos that we have to help with all the above. 

Video Page.